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12-06-2024 I had an appointment with the Telekom technician. He came and accessed the box and the sockets, etc. Then he told me that the line was ready and I could connect my device after 30 minutes.


Then after waiting (around 13:00). I connected the FRITZ!Box 7530 AX to the power and DSL. Then I connected LAN and opened . But the setup gets stuck in the first step. After a minute of trying, it shows this error: "No internet connection" and "Please connect your FRITZ!Box 7530 to your DSL connection.".



I tried:
   1. power cycling the router
   2. plugging/unplugging DSL cable
   3. resetting the router
   4. trying activation on at different times (every hour from 13:00 to 21:00)
   5. trying activation via Wifi/LAN
and every time I have the same problem.


Some notes:
   1. I received the welcome letter (with MIC etc.) but the initial setup gets stuck at "No Internet Connection" and I can't go further to enter MIC.
   2.  I called Vodafone, but since my German is not good, they didn’t support 

3. I went to their office and I told them of the problem but they said I should go and they will fix remotely. I told them IPv6 was showing no internet connection. 
Up until now I have received no help and nothing is working



Edit: @OY1: personal data deleted. BR J0hann 

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Hallo @OY1,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels and let my colleagues have a look. The service on WhatsApp and via SMS will help in English. 

My friends will help.


BR J0hann 


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