Unable to setup easybox 805

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I have been trying to connect to Internet but the router is stuck at activation page. I tried connecting with customer support but unfortunately the support is not available in English. The technician from Telekon came to setup the router and he guided me to use online registration code and MIC in my router and for few minutes the Internet worked as I browsed the Internet myself. However, the Internet speed was very low than what is mentioned in the contract so the technician inspected the line and also went in the cellar but he was not able to fix it. So he told me that he would be returning this request to Vodafone and marked it as incomplete. However, he assured me the Internet should work with less speed but as soon as he went the Internet stopped working. I am not sure if he deactivated the line remotely or did not setup the wires properly in cellar but as soon as he left I was without Internet. I tried calling the vodafone support, reseted the router and inserted new MIC but nothing works. Additionally, when he connected the Internet for few minutes all the lights of router were green but now the telephone light is not even blinking and turning on and all the remaining lights are green and router is stuck at activation. I really need help and any support will be very well appreciated. 

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Hey @kushalmiglani,


we offer service in English on WhatsApp and via SMS. My colleagues will have a look on your router.

Please contact our customer service via these contact channels.


LG J0hann 

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