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I signed up with check24. How to connect My Vodafone with my contract?

Hello all,


I signed up for the GigaZuhause 250 Kabel from check 24 yesterday and i'm waiting for the delivery of the router. Today i received an email from Vodafone about having a post, but i couldn't check the document because my vodafone account is not connected to my contract. I saw people have had similar issue couple of years ago but decide to re-post here. Can anyone help me sort it out?


One more complication here is that i'm going to move in to the address i provided in check24 in Feb 1. When i check if i can select a desired date of starting the contract, the earliest date available is Feb 7th. I didn't want to go 1 week without internet, so i selected start as soon as possible, hoping that the router will be delivered after i move into the apartment. Can i modify the delivery address to my current address so i can receive the router if it can be sent to me quickly?


Thanks a lot!

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Hello @mydange,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels.

My friends at the WhatsApp Service will help in English.



BR J0hann 

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