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Speak to someone in english at customer service??

So 2 months ago i signed the contract for vodafone kabel which was cancelled after a month of trying to figure out why it was not working. Then i signed the DSL contract which was offered which also got cancelled due to the "technical difficulties" and they couldnt deliver their services. It's been two months now since i have been charged for the cable internet with out ever being connected. Yes i was offered a slower 4g wlan based workaround but, really? Furthermore, i do not know what the status of things are because when i call, no one speaks and tell me to email them and when i email them they ask to set up a phone call and when some one calls the person doesnt speak english.  

Regardless, the only other alternative seems to be to use the gigacube (i assume there is an infrastructure problem and changing providers wont be yeild better results, perhaps may be better customer service ) but then i bought the mobile contract along with internet after recently moving to germany thinking it would make sense and be cheaper but alas, they will only cancel the internet contract but not the mobile contract. 

Basically, i am stuck in a limbo of bad customer service and lack of communication and having to wait for 2 months already while being billed for the service. Can i just simply talk to one person in english for a while to sort out other possibilities such as gigacube or can vodafone...for the love of god, just terminate all the contract (including my mobile phone) and refund me my money (atleast for the internet services)

Thank you!!

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Hello @Bhlimbu,


please contact our customer service vie these Contact channels for help.


BR J0hann 


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I also try to get support in english but no one of the contacts helps!




Hello @Sandro58,


our WhatsApp Team will help.


BR J0hann 

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