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IPhone not delivered- Desaster hotline service



I have a question, I ordered an iPhone on your website without a contract on the 26th of September, without any date when it will be delivered after I confirmed they said it would take over a month. I sent an email to cancel to this address on the 27th of September. they replied after a week without confirmation of cancellation and a note saying it would be delivered on KW44 this week ( in 6 weeks) . I have tried to call couple of times to cancel, but no one was able to support me with cancellation as it exceeded the 14 days or some said well you don't have a contract, without saying according to german laws, if I have sent a cancellation within 14 days, my job is done and they are obliged to cancel whatever I have, but they have not. 


Last week, at night they sent an email that the phone would be delivered, the sad part was I was on a business trip and I was thinking that my phone would be delivered on KW44, not KW43. but Vodafone will not even give you a couple of days so you can arrange your life. GLS decided to send the package on the following day, I have tried to change the data not possible... Adding a neighbour to accept it is not possible... they have tried to deliver the phone 2 times but I was not home and obviously, they didn't even leave a note in my mailbox to contact them didn't put it.  I have tried to contact the hotline again of Vodafone not possible not reply or even to contact customer service you need to put the contact details of your contract which I don't have..... so no possible to contact the Vodafone team, I tried to contact GLS I have sent so far 2 emails no reply.....


The question are you sending me a phone or how can I cancel this mess? it's been more than a month waiting for my phone and nothing happened and can not contact any person.. 


Thank you



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Hello @Salma12345678,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels.

My friends will help in English, if you contact one of the social media channels.


BR J0hann 

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Hello @J0hann , all the channels are not working in English and you need to Vodafone number or account number to start the chat. 


Is it possible to have this chat over private chat happy to give further details I have only Auftragsnummer:


Thank you 


Hi @Salma12345678 


Our colleagues also communicate in English on our social media channels. Only TOBi asks for initial information in German until our colleagues take over.


Best regards

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