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Cancelled iPhone 13 mini Contract without any information

Dear All,

Sorry that my German is not so good. Thats why I write here in English. Please read below:

On 30th August 2022, I and my husband ordered two iPhone 13 minis + SIM with Gigadeals. Everything went fine during ordering and we also received confirmation via email. The salerperson told us that the Iphones will be delivered on 29th September 2022. After few initial emails with confirmations and details, we did not receive any notifications about shipment being dispatched.

So, today, on 28th Sep 2022, I called the customer service to ask about the status. They informed me that our order has been cancelled due to some reason (no explanation). We did not receive any notice of cancellation whatsoever (no email, no post, no spam email). In the meantime, we gave termination notice to our earlier network provider, bought new iphone cases and apple chargers. 

Has anything like this happened to anyone before? 

I cannot think of any reason why would they not approve our contract! This is very unreasonable and unfair.

FYI: Me and my husband are from India, employed in Germany as Scientists with a EU Blue Card valid till Oct 2024.

Any kind of help is appreciated. 

Thank you.



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Hey @dr_ankita,


unfortunatly we can´t have a deeper look at why the contracts are cancelled.

Please try our other support cannels like WhatsApp or Facebook.

You find all our channels here.



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I assume your contracts were canceled due to low credit score. 

Every provider in Germany is screening potential customers upfront, in case they apply for postpaid contracts. 

However, an email you received was only a confirmation of receipt of your order, not an order confirmation. This is slightly different.

Furthermore, Vodafone and all other providers are not obliged to accept every application. Bad for you, but I would say try it with a competitor..




Thank you for your answer. 

I am not sure how can I have a low credit score. I do not have any debt, I never took any loan anywhere in the world, I have a good bank balance, and I also have a good job with salary (same with my husband).

The only reason I can think of is that we are Expats on Visa. That is why I wanted to ask if someone also had a similar experience.


If you've never taken a credit, then you are considered a 'blank slate' and therefore a risk. 😉

Never knew earning my own money can cause me troubles!! HAHA