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unclear contracts terms

In December 2023 I took a new mobile contract. Giga Mobil M. I also have internet and phone at home with Vodafone (Giga Combi). I did the contract on the phone. When I did the contract I  understood that the calls to European numbers were included. I mainly call European numbers, more than German numbers. I checked my bills and instead of receiving the bills I was expecting (around 79 euros a month for the mobile contract- as agreed on the phone-) my bills are a lot higher (between 110 and 300) a month. This is because I called EU. There is also the possibility to pay around 4 euros to have calls to EU flat (as I understood by reading), but may be I did not understand again, if this is possible though I would have taken it.  What I found misleading is also in the app Vodafone regarding my number there is written 'DE & EU Flat 44 minutes remaining'. I would like to be refunded for the calls to EU numbers since the information is not clear at all. The bills are really complicated to understand with those offers name that unless you work for Vodafone are difficult to understand what they are talking about. Also I sent Vodafone the documents as self-employed to have the reduction in March. I received an email saying I have to confirm the vetrag in March, but it is not clear if by confirming the vetrag with the discount (which was already in the first December 2023 bill) the 24 month contracts starts again from March and not from December 2023. It would be very helpful for a customer to be able to receive bills which are easier to understand. Thanks

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Calls to European Numbers are NOT included in any of the contracts that Vodafone offers.


Only EU Roaming is included for free - which includes calling European numbers once you are roaming / outside of Germany. But EU Roaming rules do NOT apply to calls from your home network (e.g. Vodafone Germany).


There are anyhow additional options for calls abroad - one is for 4.99 € per Day (120 minutes per day), one for 4.99 € per Month (120 minutes per month) and one for 14.99 € per month (600 minutes per month).


And please also check if your "European" calls are really calls to EU numbers and not to European countries outside of the EU (like the UK, Switzerland and some others).