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Internet slow and dropping out.

Hello Vodafone


Firstly I want to say that it really isn't good service that I can't speak to someone on the phone in english I don't understand as to why when I know you also operate in the uk.

So to the problem I'm having our Internet is always dropping in and out all the time and is running really slowly most of the time also. We also have quite a small flat and the signal doesn't reach very well throughout the flat.

We are very unhappy with this service because we went for Vodafone because we wanted fast reliable Internet we are paying for supposivly the best Internet in Germany and its costing us a lot but instead of the service that was promised we are receiving the worst experience I've ever had.

If someone in english can speak to me about this then please call me on *** if not then my wife on ***.


Many thanks 



Edit: Numbers removed.

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Hi SabinaJames,


Vodafone GmbH is an independent German subsidiary of the Vodafone Group. Therefore, the customer service here is primarily in German.


Here in our Community we're glad to help you in English. If you still have problems with your connection, please fill out this questionnaire once.




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