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High Latency while Online Game


Please forgive me, I have to write it in English.

  • Connection : Red Internet & Phone 1000 Cable
  • Modem/ router : CGA4233DE (Firmware: 3.0.41-IMS-KDG) | Modem comes with the package
  • Error : High Latency, especially when playing online games.
  • Device connected through LAN / Cable
  • Browsers : Chrome / Edge
  • OS : Windows 10 / macOS
  • Start and duration of the disruption: Late June or Early July 2022
  • City : Saarbrucken.

My internet was all fine and good. But since late June 2022, I am facing very high latency while I am gaming. Now, this is a bit strange because, normally the latency ( ie pinging to ) is 10-15ms , which is pretty good. But, when I start to play the online games (ie Warzone, Rocket League, PUBG), the latency hits the roof, From time to time the latency is more than 1000ms , which is pretty bad and disruptive. (I have attached one of the Ping histories)
When the latency happens, it affects all the devices connected (ie Mobile, Laptops, TV).
So, I am assuming the problem is with the provided modem, however, I cannot tell for sure.So, what would you suggest I do?

Looking forward to any possible solution.




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Hi Hasan,


welcome to our communty.


On 15.08. we will stop the individual support here in the forum and from then on it is only a pure customer help customer forum. If you get stuck here, please use our other support channels.




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