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Can not receive authentication SMS or OTP


I ported my number for AldiTalk to Vodafone about a month ago. All is working fine but I can not receive authentication SMS from websites such as PayPal, or other websites where ever I have provided this number as two factor authentication.

This is creating lot of annoyance for me and do not know how it can be fixed, because many times I simply can't login and have to use other methods for authentication.

Please guide me or fix this issue for me as soon as possible, and I will appreciate that. Thanks!



Ich habe meine Nummer für AldiTalk vor etwa einem Monat zu Vodafone portiert. Alles funktioniert gut, aber ich kann keine Authentifizierungs-SMS von Websites wie PayPal oder anderen Websites empfangen, auf denen ich diese Nummer als Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung angegeben habe.

Das ist sehr ärgerlich für mich, und ich weiß nicht, wie das Problem behoben werden kann, denn oft kann ich mich einfach nicht anmelden und muss andere Methoden zur Authentifizierung verwenden.

Bitte leiten Sie mich an oder beheben Sie dieses Problem so schnell wie möglich, ich wäre Ihnen sehr dankbar. Vielen Dank!

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Hi @tito1976,


es gibt derzeit wohl technische Probleme bei der Zusendung der OTP-Codes. Ich kann in diesem Fall nur empfehlen, sich via Chat an die technische Kundenbetreuung von VF zu wenden. 

Nutze hierfür diese Kontaktkanäle. Ich empfehle einen der beiden Socialmediakanäle (Facebook/Twitter)


PS: Do you like to prefer writing in English? 

Yes, I would appreciate if you could write in English, otherwise Google translate can always help me:-)

I have tried via Whatsapp channel on 0172 200 02 29 and and it takes me to contact VF via 0172 229 0 229. After calling this number it takes me to no where, and I am left helpless. Receiving codes from authentication services was working with my previous provider which was AldiTalk. I have recently ported this number to Vodafone and since then it is not working. I am using this number on many services as an authentication method, and it is creating lot of trouble for me since I can not receive any authentication message.

Hi @tito1976,


When you have Facebook or Twitter (X), then use these channels. There your can write in English easily without problems. 👍

I have discussed this issue with the technical team via Facebook and according to them there are not technical issues, but I am still unable to receive any kind of authetication SMS from websites which use SMS service to send OTP or codes. I can receive SMS from other people and from Vodafone but not from services such as Microsoft, Paypal or other webistes.

What to do now?

I have exactly the same problem, since I've ported my number to Vodafone a month ago. Normal SMSes come, but none from 2FA services. Cannot log into my bank, cannot login anywhere. I've called phone support - and they've told me that problem is not on Vodafone side, but on other sides (bank, Digital Ocean, Twilio, god maybe). I also have no idea what one can do. Any suggestion from community?


Same Problem for me, since i have ported my number to vodafone i cannot receive 2FA SMS from Paypal, Shoop, eBay, etc. unbelivabely annoying. Have contacted now 6 times the customer support and currently a technical issue was created but since 1 week nobody has responded. You kinda cannot use all your banking services etc. like this. If it doesnt get solved any time soon it was the last time in my life i choose vodafone or recommend it to anyone.


And as a side. note, the most annoying was one of the customer supporters who tried to sell me some new products instead of solving my current issues. Feels very unprofessional.


best regards