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My German is not good. I have noted that I have to pay 0.60 euros of Zusätzliche Verbindungskosten related to sms. I don't look the vodafone app frequently so I don't know what this is. Lately I have been receving sms related to Sports but I never registered for this service. My plan is the GigaMobiL M

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Hi Shakemix,

thank you very much for your request.


If the invoice for the mentioned connection costs has not been issued yet, I can only ask at this point to wait for the invoice and then check the costs against the invoice.


If you still have questions about these additional costs, please contact our service team on one of the following channels.


The Kolleg:Innen are happy to help.


Click here to continue:

* on Facebook:

* on Twitter:

* via contact form:


Further contact options:


Best regards,


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