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Can't login to myvodafone app to cancel contract- need English help

Hi I hope someone can help me! 


My parents live in Germany and therefore I got a contract In Germany, however only my father speaks German I only speak English. I recently moved to the Netherlands where I got a new mobile contract. I want to cancel my German one however I cannot log in to the Vodafone app, I have details for login on my contract, but I think the password they gave me expired or something because every time I attempt to enter it says that the information is incorrect. ( I did not make an account with the my Vodafone app at the time I thought I could create an account whenever I wanted to ) I have also tried phoning but I cannot get any English speakers (I know it's a German contract but my German is non-existent) I don't know what else to do and I am a student so I cannot afford two mobile contracts at once.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!!


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Hi @Ezzabezza ,


Nice of you to get in touch. ❤️


We are happy to help you and support you in clarifying your request. To do this, we need to take a look at your customer account. Please be so kind and get in touch via one of these contact options (WhatsApp is recommended). We will then be happy to get an overview together.


Best regards

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