Could not find my customer number

Hi, I'm trying to add my new mobile contract to my existing Vodafone account, but I'm being asked for a customer password that I can't find. That's why I can't add my new e-sim. Also, I wanted to know if there was an English-speaking phone number for customer service.

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Hello manishyamdagni,


You can change your customer password via your customer portal. You can find this by going to Meine Daten > Kennwörter > Kunden-Kennwort (My data > Passwords > Customer password).


Or you can have the password changed using this form: https://www.vodafone.de/infofaxe/265.pdf

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Hi MariaK, thanks for the information but my problem is I am not able to add my new contract to my existing "My Vodafone" account as I do not have the customer password. Due to this I am not able to activate my e-SIM as I do not have enough information to add. Can you please share the phone number of customer service who speak in English?

I had already understood that. That's why I've given you some help on how to change your customer password. Once you have changed it, you can also add the new contract.

You can contact our support team via WhatsApp on 0172 1217212. 

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Hi, but I am not able to see the option to change the password. There is only option for service pin



That doesn't look like a mobile phone contract. A service PIN is required for an Internet contract. 

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Yes I have an internet contract already. Then recently I ordered a mobile contract which I want to add to my vodafone account.

OK. Then the customer password will not be displayed there either. Please use the following form https://www.vodafone.de/infofaxe/265.pdf
You can change the customer password here. 

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How can I cancel my contract?

Isn't there any online option? I am really gets frustrated with this.