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SEPA mandate

Hello there. I have 2 questions that i need help with.

1- In march or april (i do not remember exactly) i had a visit from a vodafone man that was saying that they were installing fiber glass in my area since we had only regular fiber connection. He procedeed to make me an offer for a new contract with a wifi 6 router included. We were (are still ?) already Vodafone customers but he said that in order to receive the offer a new contract must be made. I was ok with it but i asked if the running Vodafone Internet contract vould be terminated and if the phone contract would be then passed to the new contract that i would sign on my name. He said that it was possible. i gave him the old contract account number and we proceeded to make a new contract request. Fast forward to September and i received the new Router. On the 3d octomber i was informed by email that my new contract was activated and that i need to send a SEPA form for direct debit payment. My problem is that the old contract was not terminated (the internet is still functional with the old modem) and when i try to set up the new modem i have no internet ( red dot for internet on the modem). I supposed it is since no payement was made by my part. 

I would like some confirmation that the old internet contract will be terminated ( i do not intend to pay 2 internet bills, especially since the internet is slow most of the time, but that is another issue) and that the mobile phone contract that my sister uses will then pass on my new contract ( it can also stay on the old contract as long as the internet one is cancelled) 

2- i looked online on where to upload the SEPA form but i could not find where to. At i selected : internet contract and other state (i live in the Bayern area, code 84508) but it just opens up a vodafone customer service page instead of giving me the option to upload the document. I received no letter by the way, just an email with the form. 

Sorry for the long post but my german is lacking so i must resort to write it all here.



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Hello Gogu,


welcome to the community and glad you are here. 🙂


Unfortunately I can't edit your cancellation at this point and I don't have access to your account 😞

I would like to ask you to contact my colleagues via Facebook or Twitter. These are happy to look at everything together with you and help you further.


Best Regards


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