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Need help in English.

Hello, I am having many problems with communication, bills and disconnection of my internet.


For starters, my contract was set up in store with the help of the instore representative who spoke English. My german is not good and was even worse when I signed up so I was relying on him to communicate everything with me. Which was falsely placed trust because he signed me up for numerous things that I didn't ask for and didn't tell me about promo pricing for addons he gave me that he said were "free".


I signed up to gigakombi mobile, Internet and TV and gave my bank details for automatic transactions. 


First bill came and the money left my account, the bill was way more than I was told so I went back in and he explained the first month they charge for 2 months and this is standard in germany. Second month bill comes in, it is pretty much the exact amount I was initially quoted. Third month comes, it's much less so I check the bill and there's numerous items and discounts, all in german and even with translating, don't explain much, but I'm not going to complain about discounts. Fourth month comes and my internet stops working, I spend numerous days calling the helpline and going to the store to get help. The people in the store help me troubleshoot a little but can't do anything to actually help me and only the helpline can, so they set up a callback, which they promised will be in English. This callback and numerous other calls, when I ask to speak English they rudely say no, this is the german Hotline and some even just hang up on me immediately. After calling them for 3 days, I get a nice guy who can speak a little English and he explains to me that I haven't paid some bills, to which we then find bills in a different account (I assumed since I signed up for one account, I would only have one account). I am able to explain to him that there are numerous irregularities with these newly found bills and he helps me and says he will investigate further into some of the issues and that my internet will be turned back on for 30 days, with the next bill having the updated amount due.


Its now 5 days since then and my internet has been turned off again. I call support and get the same rudeness. One guy tells me my internet was turned on for only 7 days and I have to pay to get it turned back on. I tried to explain to him that I was told to wait for the nex bill and that my internet was turned on for 30 days but he didn't understand and told me to call back and press '9' for English, which I did and it did nothing. 


This support Page is my last line of help. I either need to talk to someone in English or I need to leave this contract.


I signed up for internet and have had problems with it from the beginning, I am not receiving the service stated in my contract. 

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Hello Eamon,


there are two systems for internet & telephone and mobile communications. Therefore, there are also two customer numbers and two bills. If a line is blocked, it can only be unblocked prematurely for 7 days. Then the payment must be received or the connection is blocked again. A further activation is then no longer possible.


Have you logged into MyVodafone and added both contracts? Then you can also view the bills and check where there are discrepancies.


Unfortunately, we cannot clarify this here. The best thing to do is to contact our colleagues on Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp.


Viele Grüße


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