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How to cancel cable contract



I have been a DSL client for about 1 year and a half, but some weeks ago a Vodafone employee came to my house and said that they would soon shut down DSL in my area and that I should change to cable internet.


When I first got here I tried to get cable internet, but it was not available as it would require to do some work in the house and the landlord didn't want that. I explained that to the employee and he said that it wouldn't be necessary, that on his system showed up as already available in the house and that all I would have to do is plug the new modem.


Today the technician came to install the new modem, but again he said that there was no signal on my TV outlet and that work should be done in the house. Again, my landlord said no to that.


So, I want to cancel this new cable internet contract that was done and stick to my current DSL. How to proceed?

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I don‘t think that a Vodafone employee visited you, most likely it was an independent seller who wanted to make some money by selling you a new contract. If VF changes something they will write you about it. I wouldn‘t be surprised if he didn‘t cancel your DSL contract either and you are stuck with two contracts now. Contact support (in English) via Twitter/X or Facebook and hope it can be cleaned up: