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(English) Ended contract September 2022 but have been contacted by Riverty saying I have unpaid bill

When I moved to Germany, Augsburg I contacted the Vodafone Sales Representative who was in charge of the building I moved to. I was only living at this address for 7 months and contacted the Sales Representative enquiring about WI-FI for a 7-month period. I saw on Vodafone’s website that the contracts were all 24 months but I did not want this so I emailed the sales representative as shown in this email.

(I have removed any identifying data for privacy reasons)


“Dear Mr ***,

Sorry for writing to you in English but I am from the UK and do not speak any German.

I am moving into an apartment at  **** Augsburg this weekend and was wondering if you could help me with organising internet. I am looking for internet for 7 months with a minimum download of 250Mbps and 25Mbps upload speed. I have looked on Vodafone’s website but I can only find contracts for 24 months minimum. Would you be able to help me find something for just 7 months?

Kind regards,
Eloisa Godfray”


The response I received from the Vodafone Sales representative:


“Good Morning Mrs. Godfray,


Thank you für your Mail. Please excuse my bad English.


If you order the Internet by my person, I organise the give notice to terminate if you leave the flat. Wenn sie ausziehen, werden wir den Vertrag kündigen. You can wirte me after 7 month und we cclose the contrakt.


For order the Internet we need your namee, the date oft birth, the number of yiur mobile phone  und your bank number (IBAN)


If you habe quetsions, you call call me.


With best regards. 

Team: ***”


I then wanted to confirm what the payment is so responded:


“Dear Mr ***,


Thank you for your reply. 


What internet packages are available? And for what price? Could I arrange it now for the contract to terminate on the 30th of September? 


Also if I brought it through you today when would the internet be set up in my apartment? 


Kind regards,



Following this the Sales Representative attempted to call me however I did not understand his English so asked him to email me the information for which he responded:


“Nochmal kurz zusamme gefasst:


- keine Aktivierungsgebühr 

- Gratis-Router

- 1. bis 6. Monat 0 Euro

- Ab 7. Monat: je nach Geschwindigkeit

- bitte melden Sie sich, wenn Sie das Apartement verlassen. Dann legen wir den Vertrag still.

Medienberater - Mentor
Team: *** “


To which I replied:


“Dear Mr ***,


Thank you. Just to confirm, I will be moving out and cancelling my contract on the 30th of September and would like the fast speed package which I believe is Vodafone CableMax 1000.”


And I also sent my name, date of birth, mobile number, IBAN and address.


On the 9th of September 2022 I emailed him:

“Dear Mr ***,


Please may you cancel my contract as as of 30th of September I no longer live at this address.


Kind regards,



I have this all as evidence in my email and these are the only terms that were given to me and what I agreed to before getting the service. Vodafone is now accusing me of not paying the minimum contract time, but as shown here, the representative of Vodafone, set out these terms to which I agreed to. I knew that the Vodafone contracts online were all 24 months minimum however, the sales representative specifically stated that if I set up the internet through him, it would be 7 months, and he would cancel it on my behalf. I emailed him as per our agreement to ask him to cancel the contract in September.


To be clear, these are the only terms and conditions that I ever saw and agreed to. If any other terms and conditions were agreed to, this would have been done by the sales representative without my permission or consent.


I received a letter on 07/10/22 from Vodafone stating that my contract has been cancelled. However, I continued to receive emails from Vodafone after this. I tried to open the emails with the invoices from Vodafone, but no documents were shown in my account section. Since my contract was confirmed as cancelled and the invoices would not load on my account I thought these emails were sent in error.


I have now received an email from Riverty stating that I owe 627.33 Euros. I attempted to query this with Riverty and provided evidence however, they are continuing to charge me and have increased it to 708,94 Euros.

I, therefore, request and require that any outstanding debt claim is rescinded. The terms that were set out to me were not breached and my contract ended on the 30th of September, 2022.

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bad luck.

u will have 2 solve this problem with the guy who made the contract 4 u.


normal contracts = 24 month

short contract (tkg) = 12 month, more expensive.

so it was not possible 2 make a contract with 6 or 7 month !


but vodafone accepts special-cancelation in many cases (like moving 2 a foreign country!?)


unfortunately it seems that those options r not available any longer......

What was the answer after the "cancel" email?

And the sales represenatative cannot make contracts with less than the regular run time - he is NOT allowed to speak on behalf of Vodafone but he is only allowed to note your request and forward it to Vodafone.

That said, you signed a 24 months contract and not a contract that only runs 7 months - and if it is not stated that you have been explicitly granted a premature cancellation right after 7 months in the contract details that you got from Vodafone, you don't have such a right to prematurely end the contract...


Anyhow, there would've been one option to cancel the contract prematurely - in case you'd move to a place where the contractually agreed service cannot be granted. But you would have to inform Vodafone about the move together with documentation of your move and the new address. If the contractually agreed services wouldn't be possible at that new location, your contract would end within one month after the notice of the move but the earliest with the day of your move.


So given from the facts that you presented, I would assume that you still have an unpaid contract with Vodafone and that you owe Vodafone all the amount that Riverty is now asking for. You may try to get a redemption from that sales representative, but I doubt he will pay you for mistakes (like missing information about the move and where you were moving to) you made yourself.


Can you please STOP this f..ked up shortening of English that is barely readable at all?

We're not using SMS where you need to shorten things to the maximum - please just use the regular form as some of the "abbreviations" you use are just pure nonsense.


Thank you for responding.


The problem is that I never signed or agreed to any other terms apart from what he emailed me, and there weren't any additional emails or documents before I started the services than what I have put on here. So I never had to opportunity to know if this was a longer contract than 7 months or if there were terms and conditions about ending the contract. I still don't know what Vodafone claims I have agreed to. There is also no longer anything on my accounts document section to see the monthly invoices. 

Under "normal" circumstances you get the contract details via mail or in the box of the router. 


There is English Support on Twitter/FB - maybe .... maaayyybbbeeee they can sort this out.

I wouldnt bet on it - but its worth a try.