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[EN] I have a problem with the modem delivery


I recently had a problem with my DSL connection from Vodafone. I used internet support and chat to inform my problem, and I received a call from the Vodafone call center. It was offered to me to upgrade from DSL to cable connection, which I accepted.

Well, I am still without an internet connection at home (since November 13, 2023), and DHL decided to return my parcel to Vodafone (DHL claimed they couldn't find my apartment, but they managed to deliver other parcels, on the same day! Thanks DHL, you are so efficient 😉


Well, I have been trying to reach the Vodafone team to give them a new address and to check what I can do to receive my new device. However, I could not find a way to call them and get someone who can speak English (I still cannot speak German 😞 )

Is there a mailing address that I can write in order to fix my problem? I tried using TOBi, but it gave me a broken internet link (I got a page not found error). Can I call the hotline where I can explain my problem in English?
What other options do I have?

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Please note that since August 15th, 2022 direct support is no longer possible here. It is best to read this article. If I were you, I would try Facebook or Twitter (now named X). There you’ll get support even in english. 

Thanks, Torsten,

Sadly, I don't use any of these social networks 😞


Anyway, thanks for your answer,


Best regards,