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Problems with Upload (1000MB tarif) VERY SLOW even after Technician came



I have Kabel 1000, and a new router CGA4233DE, and I am expering that the Upload Speed does usually have a speed of 10Mbps over the whole day. Furthermore, right now since some days ago I am seeing speeds of 2Mbps in the evening, which is ridiculous. When I get the full 50Mbps is sometimes in the early morning, and for sure over the night, when I am sleeping, but that is NOT when I need 50Mbps.


I attach pictures of the DOCSIS at this moment:


DOCSIS 1.jpgDOCSIS 2.jpg

The router I just received it, and a technician came to my place today in the morning, to try to solve it, he said he did all what he could to make the connection better, and until 9am it was better, true, but again is, in this very moment, having a ridiculous upload speed, way less than even 50% of my hired speed:




I see the OFDMA channel with failure, the technician told me that is normal, that is not active in this location, but then, what is the solution? Simply pay for a speed I will never get?

This is happening always, very bad upload speeds, but lately, is getting worse and worse, and seems like Vodafone does not have any plan to solve this situation.

What can I do?

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Hi fjusdado,


yeah, that will be no problem. We like our customers using cable Smiley (Zunge)

I can't give you a date, when this will be fixed sadly Frustrierte Smiley

You can ask us here and we can tell you, if the problem persists from time to time.


Kind regards


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