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No Internet, Red flashing light on the router, Can't contact support as I dont speak German

Hello everyone,


I have just come to Germany, so I apologise for not speaking German.


The reason for my message is that I got my router on Friday, set it up as per the instruction, but the Internet is flashing red on my router. I have tried literally all the possible methods to solve that on my side for the last 3 days, but it is still not working. I am sure the problem is with something I cannot myself fix on my side. I moved into a new flat which was fully refurbished and I reckon that masters turned off something in the building during the refurbishment, which causes this issue.


I cannot contact Vodafone via any means due to the reason above (I dont speak German yet) and wanted to kindly ask an admin to reach out to me. I would like to ask Vodafone to send a technician to come over to my plac. Please help me. Otherwise, I canonot work form home and all the other problems connected occur.


Thank you very much in advance.




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Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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@sashabobr  schrieb:

  I reckon that masters turned off something in the building during the refurbishment, which causes this issue

maybe simply the cable amplifier in the basement was unplugged from power 

Thank you for the idea, may be it. I went downstairs, but the Telekom Cable boxes are locked, so I cannot check. I reckon Vodafone needs to arrane a visit of a technician to open it up and check what is there. Thanks once again, appreciate!

Thank you ver much! I contacted them via Facebook, got a reply asking to fill out a form, filled it out and still no further response or actions taken on Vodafone's side.