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My modem keeps restarting since yesterday evening


I have tried to connect hotline a lot, but none of the person "prefers" to speak English and I could not describe my problem in German, therefore writing there to be supported regarding to technical problem started since yesterday for my internet connection. Since yesterday evenning(around 10 PM), I face with "automatic" modem restarts instable way... When connection is normal, modem suddenly close all lights and starts from the beginning, I have tried methods in "Network Assistant" page but none of them helped to me and I could not create a ticket in any place in the Vodafone Customer Portal, therefore writing my problem here in English to be supported.


I do not know how to proceed, in this page, it is not mentioned any technical problem in my area. I am already using Vodafone for more than 4 years right now, for such problems therer was always mentioned problem in that page which leads me to understand that this was a normal scenario, but currently this is not the case and I face with connection drops and modem restarts a lot.

Since last 15-20 minutes, it did not restart but I do not know how to proceed... In modem administration page, there is no particular error regarding to such problem and whenever modem restars all of the previous logs are removed therefore I can not reach older logs in my opinion.

03/21/2023 08:52:00 [10000001]: UTOPIA: FW.WAN2LAN DROP Firewall
03/21/2023 08:41:10 [10000005]: UTOPIA: FIREWALL RESTART Firewall
03/21/2023 08:41:10 [10000005]: UTOPIA: FIREWALL START Firewall

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I had 50 minutes connected, since last restarts happened (3-4 subsequent restarts). After latest restart, there is only "power" light on my modem and other lights are not even turning red/white whatever color is.


I have Vodafone Station Vodafone CGA6444VF modem for 2 months right now, it is first time I face such a problem.

Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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