Unstable internet


For the last couple of days, i've been having issues regarding my cable connection. 
In the past 10 days, my connection is unstable, pretty often unusable, and since yesterday sometimes i completly lose connection to the internet. So for example, for 10 minutes my internet is okay, no issues at all, then for the next 20 minutes i have no connection whatsoever. I checked if there are any disturbances around my city, but the website says there are no issues. 

I tried to contact Vodafone on the facebook website, but i had no luck. I tried every possible fix/solution (restarting, unplugging, making sure nothing is defekt etc.) 

It really annoys me, because since i started the contract, i had 0 issues, not even slight ones. 

I am experiencing these issues since about 24.04.

Any info regarding the network if there are any maintances/issues? 

Thanks for the help. 

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