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Betreff: Internetprobleme in Grainau-Schmölz 82491 (Englisch)

Ich spreche kein Deutsch, daher hoffe ich, dass meine Bewerbung auf Englisch bearbeitet werden kann. Ich danke Ihnen.
My name is Elizabeth, I live in Grainau-Schmölz (postcode 82491) and have a cable internet contract. The modem I have is the Vodafone Station TG3442DE.

I have been having connection problems since Sunday 20 November. The internet is interrupted every 5 minutes and for long periods of time. The situation has been worse since yesterday 24.11.2022 and persists until today, as the disconnection occurs for hours.

The internet connection fails with different light signals:
- when the "Phone" light (first from top to bottom) is red or white and flashing.
- when the "Internet" light (second from top to bottom) is red or white and flashing
- when the "WiFi" light (third from top to bottom) is white and flashing
- even sometimes when all lights are white
TheNetz-Assistent is really useless. It's obvious that if I have internet problems, I can't connect to it. I dropped my mobile internet with Vodafone because it was also malfunctioning when I needed it most and why pay for TWO malfunctioning services. Anyway, the internet fails so many times that I have memorised all the steps that the Netz-Assistent tells me and I spend time applying them over and over again and they don't work! On the other hand, TOBi offers to have a person contact me by phone, but they don't speak English. There is also no way to receive written help for non-German speaking customers and we also pay our bill and receive no compensation for these frequent failures. On this forum there are times when I have to insist for weeks to get a reply. If Vodafone salesmen offer and sell services to non-German speaking customers in English, then the company SHOULD have customer support in other languages, at least in English; or offer email communication with a case tracking option.
I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer. Thank you very much.

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Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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