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CallYa Black Stornierung

Hi I'm sorry to write in English here but I'm right now learning the language and not fully comfortable yet.


With that out of the way I just started using Vodafone and used the free Starting credit of 15 euros for the first month and yesterday topped up my account and bought the "CallYa Allnet Flat M plan" .

While playing around and looking at the other plans yesterday I saw the "CallYa Black" plan and got curious and clicked on it and clicked continue which confirmed my switch to the Black plan without me actually wanting it. Right now it says that the Black plan will start on the day that my Allnet Flat M will end next month so no money was charged yet, however I wish to cancel it before it's eventually charged next month. How do I do that.

Any help on this is much appreciated! 

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Hi @Rohan1_,


For revoking the CallYa Black tariff you should get in contact with the customer support immediately. 


Use one of the both social media (Facebook/Twitter) contacts contact channels. The staffs there are also able to help you in English. 


Keep us updated!


Hi, thanks for the response I followed the links you sent me and got directed to Tobi on WhatsApp and messenger which were not able to help me really, and I am waiting for a response on Twitter. Is there any number that I can call and talk to in English?


Thanks again for the help, it's much appreciated!



You can try to call +49 172 229 0 229. Then press number 4 to get an agent in English language. 

But I recommend to use one contact channel only. 


Maybe you should wait to an answer by Twitter you requested. It could be take a while due to the number of requests Vodafone has to handle with.