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Help me

Hello, I want to make a claim and a complaint. I ordered the phone and I emphasize in advance in the Giga Mobile Young XL offer. The phone was supposed to come on September 16. He arrived almost a week later, however, to the wrong address as DHL had the wrong address in the system from Vadofone. The phone was sent back, I gave the address again, and was assured that this packaged phone would be shipped to the correct address within a few days. In the meantime, I received a bill for over 160 euros. My card hasn't even been activated yet, I haven't seen it as well as my phone. I wrote that I would not pay the invoice until I got what I had to pay for. I was told to wait. Okay, I was supposed to wait until 19/10. Today I got a notification that the delivery was delayed until 28.10. So I wrote outraged, why should I wait so long for the shipment, which has already been packed for me? A very rude consultant ***from Vodafone on Facebook then contacted me. She did not apologize to me for the situation in any news, she even had the satisfaction that i was very stressed. She said I won't get my device until I pay this installment! I ask WHAT?? This is not a payment that entitles you to pick up the device! This payment is 1 euro! Secondly, it's not normal to have to pay for something that I haven't seen and never used! This person should not be working in this position!! For all this, i wants to cancel the contract and the order. Of course, this "consultant" read it, but did not reply anymore. What's going on here? This is a blatant fraud. 

Is there any person in this company who can help me?  I am devastated by all this so so much. : (


Community Team: Removed employee's name

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Hi Madumax,

I'm sorry to hear that you had such an unpleasant expirience with your new contract.
This community is focused on customers helping customers. No other user has access to your customeraccount.

So the only way to solve it , is contacting our customersupport .

With all subsidized smartphones you agree to an 24 month installment plan. So the costs for the device itself apply, independent on when you recieve it.
If you did not recieve the simcard (and could not use your tariff because of this) , i feel like an adjustment for the base tariff, without the costs for the smartphone, should be possible.


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