Cancel mobile phone contract. Calling for moderator assistance.

I have been advised to make a public post in order to attain private assistance in English - as the English customer service line is no longer functioning, so this is such an undertaking...


I have moved to Spain permanently, after spending some time in Germany and attaining a mobile contract with Vodafone DE.


I have now become aware that the unlimited data contract is restricted to Germany and not EU wide which was not disclosed in the telephone communication when sign was completed. 40gb will. not suit my needs particularly when I am taking part in a large number of zoom calls via hotspot.


Secondly the reception in Barcelona has been extremely sub-par, again I am unable to maintain an internet connection with Zoom via hotspot without delays, blurryness and losing connection.


Therefore I would like assistance in canceling my contract given it no longer is able to meet my requirements.


Many thanks in advance,



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You can cancel your contract to the end of the minimum contractual term. A premature cancellation is not possible.


And it is part of the EU roaming regulations that you cannot use unlimited data plans in the whole EU - no unlimited plan from any country will allow you to be used all accross Europe in roaming. There is a limit due to the costs incurred for the providers that they have to allow you to use a specified amount of data (in your case the 40 GB) outside of Germany by a calculation that bases on the base fee and the costs per GB.


Please also note that if your contract is NOT a Red XL unlimited but only a Red M or Red L, then it was only unlimited because of the GigaKombi - which was automatically revoked at the moment that you cancelled your landline connection.

Thank you for your answer Renero man. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. 


It is, at least for me, a strange occurrence the public outsourcing of customer service - nevertheless, I understand your provision of information relating to my request.


Unfortunately, the EU wide-roaming regulations you mention - were not advised to me when i signed up over the phone (no doubt the conversation recordings will support that) & secondly it also does not provide a resolution for the inoperable level of coverage I am currently receiving whilst in Spain. The result of which means that the contractual obligations are no longer being fulfilled and thus I seek early termination.


Needless to say, I'll have to continue to wait for a moderator to surface.