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Vodafone Customer Services

Hello all,


Vodafone provides the worst customer service I have ever faced. I have been with vodafone for more than 4 years as a CallYa customer, recently changed to a contract based customer. I used my mobile to make in app purchases and I have been doing that all these years. I did the same last week and vodafone just straight out blocked my number. I am not able to make phone calls or use the internet. This is outrageous how a customer gets treated and just stranded out with no connection. Funny part is, when i try to call someone it asks me to contact vodfone customer care, and guess what it gives me the same response when i try to call these people on 08001721212.


Finally, I manage to connect to my home wifi (which is also with vodafone unfortunately), use the app and get connected to the call with a person using the BOT. The person told me I have outstanding payments which I have to clear before I get my connection back. But, with my new account, my IBAN is secured and so the payments are deducted automatically by vodafone when a bill is raised. In this case Vodafone did not raise a bill and it did not get paid. But the guy on the call talks to me as if I am the defaulter when cleraly it was their mistake not raising a bill and claiming it. And now I am still left stranded with no proper answer as to when I get my connection back. Even after paying, no proper response. Highly unprofessional and unfriendly customer service !

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Hello @AfectedCustomer,


please let our customer service have another look into your customer accounts. 

My friends at the social media channels will take care: Contact channels.


BR J0hann 

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CallYa = you pay in advance and you have full cost control 

Contract = VF pays in advance and you have no cost control 


If there is a(n unusual) high ammount of purchases, phone calls - anything that produces costs in a short and unusual manner, every provider in Germany will cut you off. It is for your own security and the componays as well. 


It has only gone downhill. 4 days now and today they have completely cut me off now. I have no more mobile reception, so I can not receive even the incoming calls from customer care or text messages, it has started to affect my daily life. I have worked in so many countries so far, even third world countries a much better, professional, friendly and faster customer service. I am absolutely shocked at how lethargic things are done here.