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Worst service ever i had in my experience

Hi Team,
I am writing you this. hoping that i will get a permenant solution from  vodafone..


20.11.2022 Thursday 11: 00 am cet: My internet (using Cable internet) was down. 

Tried connecting customer service but did not able to connect.

21.11.2022 Friday : got the customer service connected .and they gave an technician appointment for Monday. ( uh i need to wait untill then to get it fixed , ok fine)


24.11.2022 Monday 10:00 Am cet: The technician came and he told that someone from the neighbor has drilled the cable for their connection and he needs access to the neighbor's apartment for further investigation. (it is weird that the neighbor also uses the Vodafone connection. if the technician did a mistake while installing the Vodafone connection (as a customer) why should I spend my time and effort arranging appointments with neighbors? very bad.!!. he did nothing and requested another appointment.


26.10.2022  Wednesday13 Pm cet: the same technician came and he said the network needs to be examined further he need to get access to both apartments below and above. and he closed ticket no: 13045896. 

meanwhile, my network has become up but was extremely slow,(to solve slowness he asked me to call again to Vodafone customer care and then once he left it went down again) so calling vodafone. each time i call the number in the portal it redirect to the service partner (who says they cant help much)


27.10.2022 Thursday 10 am cet:  I  saw a Vodafone technician in my apartment who came for installing a new connection for another neighbor. I tried to explain my situation but they requested to contact customer care in order fix it. So i contact customer care again (022146619100) then explained my situation, they created another ticket  13086684. now tommorow again i have a technician appointment between 10-14. 

and i am now running behind my neighbour for the access.


in short this is hard time for me with this connection and this network outage is impacting my home office as well.




















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