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Issues with Cable Connection - New unwanted contracts

Two weeks ago I called customer service (at 08001721212) about a problem with my Kabel connection and the representative said he would fix the problem for me and said he was sending me an email and that I should click on “I confirm” (which I did whilst remaining on the phone to him). He then told me the issue would be resolved within two days. A few days later I saw that I had been signed up for multiple new contracts, including a mobile contract, that I had not asked for whatsoever. 
I would also like to note that in the background of the agent's voice it sounded like there was a party with loud music and lots of people talking/shouting.

After discovering these new contract confirmations that I hadn't requested, I immediately called customer service and after a dozen different agents hanging up on me or telling me to call a different number (which was the same number), I finally got through to someone who understood the problem and told me they would fix it. However it has been over a week and nothing has changed and now I see that I have been charged.
This is outrageous and I want to ask how I can have this fixed immediately and who I can submit a complaint to. 
Maybe with the recording of the call the agent can be held accountable?

Thank you

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I don't know if you still have the problem, but if so, you should immediately write a signed  revocation oft those contracts and send it to the vodafone post address as well as an scan of it per mail. Send it by registered mail to be more secure it get's there!

You have an 14 day right to revoke from any contract being concluded in the internet. 


I wish you good luck! 


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