I want to move to new home - kabel 100M


I have a 100 M Kabel contract with Vodafone sincew 2016 and i want to change my address, ((it was impossible to do anything from website -moving service- because it is so complicated right now, going into loop, always get same web page after i added the contract and nothing happen)).

so i want to move the contract with me and if possible to have a new router device as i have old one with the contract.

can anyone help me please.


Thank you all.

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Hallo mazen2020,


what exactly happens during the relocation notification? What do you mean you enter the tariff and nothing happens? You only report the move as such via the relocation service.




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I have Cabel 100M contract since 2016 with Router, and want to change my address.


So i would like to keep the cotract but if possible with new router device (FRITZ), I tried to do that from website but it's not working, always go back to same web page and the changing service formula is not appearing.


could you please help.




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I mean from MeinVodafone webpage click on --> Meine Kundendaten --> then i have this hinweis (Hier kannst Du Deine Verträge einsehen und auch neue oder bestehende Verträge hinzufügen.) and 2 button to add contract (which i already did) and go back to MainVodafone. ((Keep looping like that ))


so i can't do the umzugservie online, no form to fill in for moving service.


Thank you

Finally i could fill the form for umzugservice.


but still want to know if it's possible to have a new Router? ANd to move the Internet without the Telefon?



You can only move your connection as it is. There is no pure internet connection without telephony in the cable sector. A new router is only available if the old one is defective.
Which router do you currently have?

Ok thank you 

it is FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable

The Fritzbox 6490 is sufficient for speeds of up to 500 Mbit / s. Therefore, it will not be replaced by the Fritzbox 6660, which is hardly available (mainly because of the lack of chips currently caused by the Corona crisis).
You can of course order an exchange for a one-time fee of around 30 €, whether this is feasible depends on the current availability.