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I might have been scammed by vodafone sales guy

On 18-10-2022 two guys wearing vodafone t-shirts came to my apartment with an offer.
They knew i was paying 29.99 for 50Mbps, so they offered me 100Mbps in same price, including Giga TV also for which i only have to pay 30Euros Einmalig.
I asked him several times that is it for real? and he said that its real and we will give it to you in writing.
He said this offer is specially for the people living in the Buildings owned by your Vermieter-Company.
So he gave me a contract with the things written on it that i will only pay 30Euros.
and he also gave me his visiting card.
He had an iPad where he showed me my current contract and he also updated my contract through iPad.
So everything was looking legit to me, that is why i just signed the contract.
Now I am a bit worried that am i being scammed or is it fine. because this offers sounds too good to be true.
I am attaching that persons visiting card as well.


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As soon as you receive an order confirmation, you should submit a revocation (NOT a termination) to the contact channels specified in the revocation instructions. After 6 months at the latest, GigaTV costs €14.99 or €9.99 per month in connection with the Red Internet & Phone tariff.


I just had the same situation and he even provided a business card. I tried to take advantage from my lack of german to scamm stuff, always saying that it would be the same price. Glad that I did not confirm the contract and therefore the order will be deleted but I will create a new post so that vodafone can address this situation