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[English] Cabled Internet contract termination



I am Antonio Maiorano and I started a contract for Red Internet & Phone 500 Cable U Attack at my first house in Frankfurt on the 8th November 2021. 

The technician operation carried out on the 26th November 2021 was useless for the activation of the internet because it seems that there is no chance to have access to the cable room downstairs and the landlord/agency is not totally aware that the house cables are in connection with the Vodafone main systems, even if up to 1000 Mb/s connection is available for my address. 

Furthermore, I don't have a DSL plug at the apartment for this other kind of connection. 

For this reason, I kindly ask if there is any chance to cancel the contract as soon as possible since It seems very difficult to communicate with the landlord/agency to find a solution to my cable connection in a short term. 

thank you in advance. 



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It is your contractual obligation to grant access to these rooms - for every technician coming to you and not being able to get to the installation room, you will have to pay a fee.


So you should get in contact with your landlord and ask them to open up the installation room and/or provide you contact with the facility manager that is able to open up the room so that the technician from Vodafone will be able to assess the situation and do the necessary installation work if possible. The contract will only be revoked if the Technician states that the installation is impossible - but he needs access to the installation room in order to make this assessment.


Hey AntonioMaiorno,


sorry for the wait. Currently we need a little longer to answer.


I am even more pleased that @reneromann (thank you very much for your efforts Smiley (fröhlich)) has provided you with all the important information regarding your request.


It is important that the technician comes to the supply room to check whether a connection is possible.


Kind regards


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