ENGLISH support needed

Hi, I'm a new customer and sadly I couldn't reach anyone that speaks english. My problem is the following:

I have subscribed for a cable internet, tv & telefon product and acc. to the contract my connection should be live since 02.10.2021 but it is not.... My router is connected properly, and if I log in it says that Docsys is connected to the internet and also the LED-s on the router are lighted up properly. Since I can also ping vodafone servers and get a response I suspect that the problem is on your side, not on mine. I have found some older posts where the problem turned out to be that Vodafone have sent a different router than the one stated in the contract and there was a mix up with the activation. I'm not sure this is the problem here but still here the S/N of my router just to make the process smoother: CP2128LBLA8. I hope we can solve this issue quickly because it is really disappointing.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hello Marcell1,


if you have a contract with Vodafone Kabel Deutschland please send me a PM with the following details:


- name

- address

- MAC address of the router

- customer number

- birth date from the contract owner


Answer here again after you sent the PM.

Kind regards


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