Complaint about Vodafone Services - Need to immediately stop the contract


I am struggling to get help and to what email address I need to send this  so I will send my email here :


I am very dissatisfied with your services and employees.


I went to the Munich Vodafone shop on the 27th of February 2023, asking for someone who speaks English because I am moving into a new apartment and I do not speak German.


I explained to the employee from the shop that my apartment does have glass fiber and that I’m looking for a glass fiber contract.

He told me that Vodafone has a nice contract with good speed for glass fiber so I said ok and in any case I know that I have 14 days to retract my contract if I am dissatisfied with the services.

Firstly, I explained that my apartment has been built for glass fiber and that I have a dedicated place for the router and internet (picture 1) the employee said it’s no problem and that it will work without any questions.

Secondly he did not explained me that in the shop I do not have the right to cancel my contract within the 14 days and I had no time to read and understand the contract because he said that I have to sign it right now to take advantage of a promotion  with which I will not pay internet 1000 Mbs for the 6 first months.

All of this is not right and I feel taken advantage of.


When I got the router I was not able to have internet in my apartment through the connection in the wall, only in the main entrance where the dedicated place for the router is. The router whatsoever does not fit in the dedicated fuse box which means I need to keep its door open at all times if I want to be connected to the internet.

Secondly the internet connection is very low (around 90 mbs picture 2) and it’s not 1000mbs at all.

I went back to the shop to explain my issues but no solution has been suggested from the shop..


I have to work from home with good internet speed otherwise I could lose my job. Currently I can not work from home so my situation is critical and because of all the reasons listed above I don’t want to continue my journey with Vodafone and I want to end the contract right now.


Moreover, I called the customer service/support with my wife as she is German, for the first time to explain the situation and I started a cancellation meanwhile and sent back the devices and a woman from the service number told me that my contract was correctly canceled and I will receive a mail. After the call was made at the end of last week I did not receive the email to confirm that my contract was canceled so either she lied to me or didn’t do her job correctly. Because she told me my contract was canceled and because I need the internet to work from home I had to start a new contract with another Internet provider.

We called the service another time asking why I still didn’t  receive the email about the cancellation and the guy from the customer service was very aggressive and yelled at my wife. This is not acceptable.


Right now the situation is critical for me, looks like my Vodafone contract is not totally cancelled and I have to pay two Internet contracts from two different providers because your services did not inform me correctly and made mistakes and above all no service can and has been properly delivered.

I do not have the Vodafone router anymore because I sent it back.

I got an email today saying that I will have to pay if I refuse the technical support from Vodafone that will come to my apartment, but I never got an email telling me that a technical employee will come.

Why are you telling me that I have to pay if I refuse the support of the technician if I never got the information / mail that someone will come?


So, as I said I am very dissatisfied with Vodafone services and employees. I demand the cancellation of my contract as soon as possible. Also my wife who has been a Vodafone customer for almost all her life thinks about canceling the contact with you because of this incident.




Thank you in advance and aviating an acceptable solution from your side,




Ps: I already sent this email last week to widerruf@vodafone.com but still no news from your services …. As I said I sent back the router so I do not understand why there is no action from your side ? It means I am still paying internet for no access…


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I'm sorry, but you are at the wrong place, this is a customer-to-customer- forum only. For english support try the social media channels listed here:



Sadly you made a row of mistakes out of not knowing the language and the law. There is no 14 days retraction period when doing business in a local store. It also is a *very* bad idea to sign a contract you don't understand. And yes, I understand that the shop person pressured you, but that is the moment when all alarm bells should start to ring.

I wish you the best of luck trying to work it out with customer support, but I'm afraid if at all it will take lots of sweat and time.

Thank you for the information and help.