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- Vodafone made a mistake to put incorrect Mac address into the system although I sent the correct information 4 times. Of course I could not use their internet service.

- To correct the situation, I contracted Vodafone more than 30 times until today. And Vodafone answered; "It will be resolved tomorrow" or "No, I cannot" or "You can call tomorrow." or "It is already resolved" or "We will call you back tomorrow" or "German, German". All the answers that I received for recent 20 days were lie or nothing helpful at all.

- Vodafone technician visited my home and even he could not find their mistake, and answered "There is no problem on our line, may be your router could be a reason.".

- Eventually, I cancelled the contract. And it was within 14 days.

- Vodafone is still keeping my contract without providing any service. And now they sent me an invoice asking for payment.


Are they really OK?


Please immediately terminate my contract.

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You are in a customer-to-customer forum, no individual support is available here. For support in English use WhatsApp. The „within 14 days“ only works if you did it the correct way and actually used the correct term of „Widerruf“. If you used words like „cancel“ or „terminate“, it comes into effect at the end of the 24 months minimum contract term.

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I really appreciate your advice.

I am trying to contact via Whatsapp, but it is still speaking German.

Could you please give some advice about how I can communicate with Vodafone in English?

Hi @Gelöschter User ,

At the beginning of your WhatsApp conversation, our TOBi will ask you a few questions. Please be so kind as to translate them using DeepL and then answer them. This will help TOBi to correctly assign your request and forward it accordingly.

Kind regards

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Hello R4mona,

Thank you but, it guided me to request call back from your service team again.
And your calling back will eventually require German again.

To continue this communication with your AI bot in German is really stressful.
Could you please support on this topic?

which cable router you want to activate?

I assume a cable fritzbox, please tell us model and article numer from the back

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Hello RobertP,

Thank you for your response.

It is Fritz!Box6690. Vodafone mis-input the Mac address. So the internet connection is not available for 3 weeks.

(For example, I registered 48:xx:xx:xx:xx, but Vodafone put 45:xx:xx:xx:xx.) 

please tell me the article number

and in which federal state of Germany to you live

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Thank you again.

Is the article number means 'Auftragsnummer'? If yet, it is 15445724.

I live in Hessen.

take a look at the bottom of your Fritzbox there you can find the Artikelnummer starting with 2000