Fraudulent Sales Strategy from DSL Sales Agent

Apologies for writing in English - I had an issue with my internet - was slow and saw a special - currently on Cable 500 and wanted to upgrade to Cable 1000. Somehow got through to the DSL team and the guy on the phone said Cable is no more offered and only DSL - which is faster and cheaper than my Cable. Sent me an email (first without any documents and contracts) and asked me to confirm which I did. Thereafter contracts came spooling into my inbox for a DSL contract 250mbs, which is 1. much slower than I currently have and also 2. not available in my area. I asked the guy what speed is the new DSL and he said the same as you current speed. I received the contracts (this was yesterday btw - 19.06.24) and I am writing this today. The drama then begins trying to cancel the contract. DSL are extremely rude and mostly threw the phone down on me, some one sent me the right of withdrawal form - which I completed and emailed - but then you have to also complete the form on the internet as well.

I am writing this complaint as I have spent hours trying to get this cancelled, and also escalate this to someone at Vodafone (impossible). If you try and phone - everyone is only after trying to sell you a new contract first before they would even help to close out the "new bogus contract" sold to me. Cable cant see what DSL does and DSL cant see what Cable does and therein lies your issue - getting pushed from pillow to post. I have been with Vodafone since 2020 and the service for cable has been excellent but the last 2 days have been the worst I have ever experienced from forceful rude salespeople. I understand that all calls are recorded - I challenge Vodafone to extract my phone call to listen to how the sales person dupped me into a new contract and its literally taken me close to 2 days to resolve (still have not received a confirmation so who knows)

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