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Change of bank account

Good day,


I have changed my bank account 2 months ago and requested VOdafone to withdraw the money from the new account (request was done on a local VOdafone shop in Hamburg). After 20 days i got email from Vodafone that there was an error with the payment. I sent the money via the new bank account mentioning the invoice number on the comments. 1 month later i got another message from vodafone saying that i now owe 2 months and my account will be blocked. I paid now for 2 months again and put both account number and invoice number in the comments of the transfer. DO not know if that has solved the problem. 


Now i try to be sure that the correct IBAN is entered in the Vodafone webpage but when i try to enter the new IBAN, i get message that i am not the contractual owner and i have to call the Customer Service (which do not speak English).


Why cant you just go to a Vodafone shop and just pay the amount there, like is done in every other country?


Any help is welcome

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Most Vodafone shops are not operated by Vodafone but by independent agencies making their money with selling Vodafone products. They are *not* part of the VF support system. Try it via WhatsApp, but keep in mind that support in English is not guaranteed: