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Internet is not working for 3 days, pathetic customer care, please help me cancel my contract!

I am a Kabel customer, Internet is not working for the last 3 days, pathetic customer care, called them several times for the resolution, they keep saying we open a ticket and the techniker will test and they close the ticket, I have to reopen and the loop repeats. When asked for Vodafone hotspot voucher, they will disconnect, HORRIBLE! In a remote working situations, we are solely depending on the internet and the customer care things that we have more than one internet at the same time and can't sympathise the severity.

please help me cancel my contract, as I don't want to keep paying for this scammed service.

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Hello Roshni,


We moderators no longer offer individual support via the forum.

However, we would be happy to help you. To do so, we need personal information from you.


Please contact us via one of the following channels:


Your contact at Vodafone - Vodafone Community


Facebook service page at

Twitter service page at

Or via WhatsApp chat on 0172 1217212


Network Assistant:


Thank you.

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Since the TE has not reported back, I close here now. If you have any questions or concerns, simply open a new post in the appropriate board. Please note, however, that direct support is no longer possible here. It is best to read this article.