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DSL Termination of Contract without Using

Dear Team,

I booked my Vodafone Internet from my newly home in Feb 2023 and my net activation date was 1st March, at the time of purchasing the sales person you did not need any technician it will work fine without technician, so I cancelled the termin of technician, on 3rd Marach when I was trying to install my modem it was unsuccessfull, so I tried to contact at hotline but when I was telling my festu number she said it was wrong, I visited the same shop and I explained them the situation he said they canceled, it was due to langauge barrier I got that they cancelled my vertrag, he also said now its your choice either you take this or not, again I thought he was saying about vertrag but actually he was talking about technician termin, I realized when I received an email with new termin and this new termin date is also very far, so I want to cancel my vertrag because now I have no choice except to cancel this, because I booked vodafone according to sales person who told me you do not need technician apointment. Please somebody help me in this, thanks 

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You signed a contract, so you are bound to it. You cannot cancel it prematurely, but you are stuck to it until the end of the minimum term.


And with DSL lines, it is the usual approach that a technician will visit you - and for obvious reasons, if you deny him, you won't get a working line but -as you denied the visit- will still have to pay for the technician and the contract.


And no, the next technician visit cannot be scheduled earlier as their schedule is bound to all customers booking DSL - so due to you rejecting him in the first time, you will now have to wait even longer.

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Dear Reneromann!


I understand I signed the contract, when I was signing the contract no body told me at the shop that I should bond to contract for minimum period, first I sgined then they gave me the printed version ove there I found the minimum contract clause, so first thing it is responsiblity of a shop person to informed this to the customers.

2nd thing I was told at the time of purchase you dd not need technician it should be like plug and play. so this is the reason I did not book technician apointment, and now after moving at my new place I will start my DSL one month later because of technician apointment.


Parallel Telekom is offering me internet connection within 3 days, which I can not do because of your contract.

Thank you so much for giving me an experience of stone ages with your services and response.


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You are right, unfortunately Vodafone is known for such a kind of behavior.

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