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Contract termination due to relocation

I sent a letter to Vodafone GmbH Kundenbetreuung at 40875 Ratingen, on the 24th of April, informing of my relocation to the US on the 1st of May and therefore requesting a termination of my Mobilfunk and DSL contracts. I did this only a week before leaving because this was exactly when I was allowed to obtain my Abmeldebestatigung from the city of Regensburg, which Vodafone informed me was necessary for the contract termination with the special reason of moving to somewhere where the service could no longer be provided. I also contacted customer service at on the same day (24.04) informing of this. From their email, I got the response back saying that that was not the right contact to use for the matter, and that they could not redirect me to the proper one as I didn't provide enough information in my email. Funny, given that I provided all contract data, and I was not advised on which information was "missing", so that I could add it. But I am already used to poor customer service by Vodafone DE...


Nevertheless, I waited for the response that I was supposed to get by letter/post from Kundenbetreuung, as I should have been informed of the date of termination for both of those contracts. Instead of that, 3 days later, on the 27th of April, my Mobilfunk contract was terminated without warning. It was very incovenient to spend my last days in Germany without a network, as well as moving to a new country with the limitation of only getting access to communication when under a wifi network. On top of that, my DSL contract kept going, and no information about why this was, was given to me. I have received no letter back at my Regensburg home (the housing agency is keeping them for me, and informing me of what I get). This week on the 6th of May, I sent an email again to, complaining about all of this. Surprise surprise, I got again the typical response of: "Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Leider ist dies nicht die richtige E-Mail-Adresse für Ihr Anliegen. Ihre Nachricht können wir auch nicht weiterleiten, da wir Ihre Vertragsdaten nicht haben.".


I was billed just yesterday and my DSL contract keeps running. I want the contract to be terminated, as well as to get the information on how to properly return the FritzBox to Vodafone. I am entitled to a response from Vodafone regarding this. This is unnaceptable. 

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There is no direct mail address to send anything to - you may anyhow use the contact form to send your details.


Secondly: If you first noticed Vodafone about your move on April 24th, the DSL contract will at least be billed until May 24th (one month notice period in accordance to the Telecommunications act). There is no immediate end of the contract. And why don't you hand in a copy of the deregistration letter using a traditional letter as you did before?

I sent the email to make sure I had double proof of informing Vodafone in case I needed it later (I also paid to receive a delivery confirmation by DeutschePost). Given my experience with the company, you can never be too careful.


Plus, I did in fact also add my deregistration confirmation on the "traditional" letter I sent by post. Two copies of it. Since I was requesting the termination of two contracts and I thought the documents might be shipped to different departments. Again, I was very careful with it. And Vodafone DID immediately cancel my Mobilfunk contract. They did this the next day post-receipt of my letter (letter sent on April 24th - received by Vodafone on the 26th - cancellation of phone contract on the 27th). However, they did not send me any notice regarding this. I requested (as I am entitled to) for confirmation of the acceptance of my termination and notice of the date when the contracts would officially stop running. Nothing so far.


My problem is that everything was/is being done by Vodafone without any notice to me. What type of customer service is this? I did everything the right way. And then what? I wait until May 24th just to find out the DSL contract keeps running past that for whatever reason? I've been there before with this company.