Charged for a canceled service!

I had an internet and TV plan that I canceled back in June 2023, after paying an outstanding balance I was then notified by your collection company that I had another amount of 58 euros that I had to pay due to the giga TV contract being canceled. After the confusion I paid the sum to riverty and my wide contacted your customer support and was told by the representative that the giga TV contract was for sure canceled at the time of the call. Now I'm being charged almost 200 through riverty because I have been continued to be charged for the giga TV. I haven't had the service in almost a year and all the equipment was turned in.


I've also contacted the company through Facebook, your official website, texting, and calling and each time I either get sent to a machine or hung up on because I don't speak German. This is unacceptable and a disgusting way to run a business. I haven't had or used your product in just about a year. Before I was willing to pay the balance from riverty just so I could get rid of the headache and anger that this company has caused. However, I refuse to entertain the fact of a close to 200 euro charge for this company repeated errors and negligence.

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Hey @TG68,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels.

Our WhatsApp Service will help in English.


BR J0hann 


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