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Problem with giga tv Signal, french channels



I hope its ok to write in English.

You can answer in german, I will translate it 🙂


I got the giga tv box 2 this year and since 2 or 3 months I have problems receiving the french channels.

The connection is lost maybe 50 times a day.. really.. sometimes it comes back sometimes not.

I get those messages :


-SC014 Error connecting to the server. check your internet connection for issues.

-SC402 the server returned an error. please try again later

-STB in Offline mode.

-Cannot connect to the server or connection lost.


Sometimes when it comes back , I also have:

- show is already playing on the maximum number of devices.

( wich is not the case, i play the channel only there)


Sometimes i switch channels and it comes back, sometimes there is only a black screen with nothing i can do.

I try unplugged the box and restart it of course and it comes sometimes back but not always. And even so, after some minutes the problem is back.

If I stay on the Germans channels, there is no problems.

I have no interruption or problems when I play online or stream movies from TV apps or from my pc, the connection itself works very well.


Seems really like the problem is just with the french channels ( France 2, 3, 4, 5, M6 and Gulli) .

Its not possible to watch even an half hour program without interruptions. And sometimes whatever I do i can not get the channel back for hours. 


Any ideas what could be the problem ? anything I can do, some setup to fix ?


Thanks in advance!









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Hello @Floux,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels.

My friends at the social media channnels will help in English. 


BR J0hann 

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