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Hello Vodafone Cable Germany

I have no internet for last 24 hours, I was working from home and using internet normally and suddenly No internet.
first: I restarted mt router ( FRITZ!Box 6660 ) multiple times without any luck
second: I called technical support multiple time with struggles to reach them as I don't know how to speak in German.
technical support told me they will give me afeedback at the end of the day
I just received an Email now that I need apointment for a technician and they will charge me 100 EUR for the visit.
I don't know why I should pay while no internet provided to my apartment.
cable and router is working fine and as per router diagnostics there is no internet signal coming to the router.
could someone help me to solve this issue ASAP. I need to fix this as my home office is useless without internet connection

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r u sure that u have understood the email correctly?

in nornal cases u will only be charged, if vodafone sends out a technician and this guy finds out, that there is no problem with the vofafone internet service but your own equipment has caused the problems.


otherwise the technician is free 4 u - he is paid vy vodafone 2 solve the issue with the vodafone service

Thanks for clarification,
when I try to reserve an appointment it show me this video and need a confirmation for extended services 
and what I understood from the video that I have to pay 100 euro.
Maybe I understood it wrong as my german language is not good.
am I understood correctly ??