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Wifi connection with Vodafone Station

Dear Vodafone Team,

I have to contact you again for the same problem. The new router worked for a few days, but now the WIFI connection is off again. Here are some details:

  • The router is a Vodafone Station TG6442VF
  • The LEDs with the tags "Power", "Internet"  and "Phone" are glowing white
  • The LED with "WIFI" is either shining white or is it off.

I tried reset the router, but it did not work. I also tried to find solutions with Netz-Assistent following the step-by-step instructions. However, the only thing I was suggested was to pull the power cable out of the socket and restart the router. Doing this can connect my devices to the WIFI, but only for several minutes, then the light "WIFI" is again shining white or even off. I attached a video showing the current status of the router

It was really exhausting to constantly restart the router.  Can you help me with this problem? Thanks

Best regards,

Yiming Pan

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only 1 idea:

if the router is "over heating" - temperature rises 2 much - wifi-function is automatically deactivated.


this happens not only by placing router on an oven or in direct sunlight,

but also by laying it in horizontal position !

just try it


 It is strange that the router overheated, even there are only two devices , my mobile phone laptop connected to the WIFI. The router I used before (before this month) was fine. It is a same type of router. But I had to send it back due to the end of the previous contract with Vodafone. I was awared of this overheating problem the first day I installed the new router.

I would try to place the router vertically. Thanks a lot for your kind help


in this case the temperature mainly depends on the position of the wifi-antenna inside of the router.


the number of connected devices doesn't matter as much as the

"router self heating while laying on own wifi-antenna" process