Vodafone CableMax 1000 Stopped working

Hi there, I've been subscribed to the  Vodafone CableMax 1000 offer for a year now. 

6 months ago the internet really started struggling, cutting off all the time randomly.


Since Monday now the whole cable is completely down, no WiFi nothing, it's impossible to work from home and created a lot of issues for my girlfriend and I as we both work from home. We both ran out of mobile data too and I just can't deal with Vodafone breaking off and being super unreliable all the time. We pay SO MUCH money to have a crappy internet that always breaks, it's unacceptable.


I checked the status of our line on  "https://kabel.vodafone.de/hilfe_und_service/stoerungshilfe/stoerungshilfe" and the result is depressing: It said that neither internet, nor phone, nor tv works at our address and they are working on it but can't give a date. 

I would like more details on this issue, please reach out to me asap

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Hello LeoFi,

Is it working again? In which state do you live?

Have you reported the disturbance yet?

Greetings Moni

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