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Vodafone Cable Internet issue

Hello everyone,

From today morning, the internet is not working at all, I have restarted the router mutiple times. It has been more than 5 hours now. Even when it worked,  the speed is not what is promised. 

A littlle background so far:

I do not speak German and hence it is very difficult to reach vodafanoe through call, which is only in German.

I connected my Vodafone Station internet box correctly and activated my online account last month. It started working as well, but the internet speed fluctuation is from 500 KBPS to around 300 MBPS everyday, whereas in contract it is 1000 MBPS.
My contract has started last month only and I have been able to connect to Vodafone custmer twice. One time the person could not understand English and second time the lady was really helpful and activated optimizer online, but,  unfortunaley the issue still exist.
Infact, today, there is no internet at all
the inernet LED is blinking white continuously. The wifi is getting connected but there is no internet.

I saw on the forum that this had already happened to several people and that a technician had come by to configure things in the cellar.
I was told when I was buying the contract that a technician would visit if I face any problem in setting it up.

I work completely from home and I am heavily dependent on good internet connectivity. 

Would it be possible to send some technician to my address? 
Let me know what more details do you need and how I can provide that. 


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Hello swapnildubey7,


sorry that it is so difficult for you to reach us at the moment. There is a lot going on at the moment, so unfortunately it can come to the bad accessibility. We can't request personal data here in the community.


It's best to write to our service team on one of the following channels.

Continue here:


* on Facebook:


* on Twitter:


English-language support is available there.


We can check your connection there and send a technician if necessary.


Many greetings Jana



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