Modem restarts randomly, download/upload speed problems

Problem : At random times of the day the modem decides to shut itself down. It comes back in 1-2 minutes, but as I'm working from home, at every connection drop I'm losing my connections, and it's causing me loads of problems during home office. The same problem was happening a year ago. It disappeared, but it came back like a month ago again.

When the connection drops I see new entries in the event log:  FW.LANATTACK DROP, FW.WANATTACK DROP (see attachments). The modem turns off, the lights go red, and it turns back again.

The other problem is that sometimes my upload speed goes below 1-2 megabytes / sec. Also, at the time when I was writing this report my download speed dropped to 0 megabytes / sec.


Solutions I've tried :

- Removing the router from the network, and using only cable to connect to the modem

- Isolating all devices from the network except one at the time

- Turning off the modem, waiting for a couple of minutes before starting it again


Additional data:

- City: Trier, 54290

- I only have internet - "1000 Mbit / s CableMax"

- Free Vodafone modem - CGA4233DE

- I have a router which is connected to the modem, it's TP-Link  Archer C80. The problem is present without using my router in between too, I don't think it's related.


Sorry for the english report. My German is not good enough yet to communicate with people, this is why I didn't call the hotline yet. Thank you for your help in advance!


At the time when I was writing this download speed went to 0At the time when I was writing this download speed went to 0Signal values 1Signal values 1Signal values 2Signal values 2Event log when the problem is happeningEvent log when the problem is happening

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Hello Claudia!


Thank you for the answer.

When I experience this issues again I will make a Pinglotter screening.

I will also make a feedback if the connections are working properly again.


Best regards,


Dear Claudia!


Seems like the problems have disappeared. I don't experience packet losses or modem connection losses anymore.

Thank you for the investigation!


Wish you all the bests,



Hi József,


I am glad to read this. I will close here then.




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