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Internet keeps disconnecting

I have Unity media 1GBps internet connection from last 2 months. However, since I bought wifi keeps disconnecting. Also, the speed keeps dropping rapidly. I tried contacting vodafone service many times, but they are hardly doing anything to resolve the issue. I have tried everything they told me like reseting the router and stuff. However, nothing has solved the problem. Does anyone know how can I deal with this issue? I think its better if a technician has a look at it. But vodafone service is soo bad that they are not even arranging for that. 

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Hello hegdep10,


can you please give us some more information about your connection and configuration? Here you will find a few points that we need from you: Link


Thank you very much and greetings,


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Thank you for your response. Please find the details below.

Disruption of cable internet services


  • What contract do you have? :Red Internet + Phone 1000
  • Which modem/ router are you using? :Standard WiFi cable router: Vodafone Station inkl. WLAN
  • Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device ? :Rental Device
  • Which error occurs? : The Internet Keeps disconnecting. Today in the last six hours it has disconnected around 8 times. If I turn off the router and restart it, the internet returns. However, the problem recurrs.
  • How is your device connected to the modem ?:LAN and WLAN, both get disconnected
  • Which browser do you usually use?:  Google chrome, Edge
  • Which operating system do you have on your computer?: Windows on PC, Android  and iOS on Mobile
  • Start and period of the disruption : Since I purchased this connection in Aug 2021 I have been facing internet disconnection issues. At that the the issues were more serious and turning off-on the router did not used to resolve the issue. However those problems were reduced from this year after Vodafone did some maintenance work in our building. However from last 5 to 6 days I am facing this issue mentioned above. Today it has reached its peak. 
  • Also upload a screenshot of the signal values.: Attached
  • What measures were taken by the fault hotline (available at 0800-5266625)? I don't know. Every time I call them they say it will be referred to the technical team. However, no technical team ever contacted me.
  • In which state do you live? Stuttgart-BW
  • All the test results are attached below:2022-03-07_16h11_12.png2022-03-07_16h11_30.png2022-03-07_16h11_42.png2022-03-07_16h09_40.png2022-03-07_16h09_05.png

Hello hegdep10,


I would like to take a look at your line and start a fault analysis.

Can you please send me a PN with the following details:


Name of the contract holder

Date of birth

Street + house number

postcode + city


Customer number

current mobile phone number


Please let us know briefly here if you have written us a PN.


Many greetings,


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