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Intermittent connection drop for Vodafone cable Internet

Hi there,

I am sorry that i have to write in English. I am still learning German, but my German is not yet good. I hope you can help me in English as well.


Plan :

Red Internet & Phone 250 Cable


Modem / Route :

Vodafone  WIFI 6 station


zip code / location

22391 , Hamburg



Internet connection drop intermittently  multiple times in a day.

The performance in general is also very poor.

Every day I experience "no internet connection"  issue, web pages  requests timing out, streams buffering get stuck, voip calling like WhatsApp calling gets stuck in "re-connecting" etc.

Even my online payment have failed due to this issue.

Also as i am working from home , my zoom call meeting gets stuck in between because of this connection issue.

This issue happening since the day 1 of my connection , which i got connected in Nov 2021 as a new connection from Vodafone.

This usually recovers automatically after few seconds.


Occurence Time

It can happen at any time of the day with no pattern. 

It happens multiple times in a day.


Debuggins steps undertaken :

I am a software engineer myself, so I'm well  aware of the typical troubleshooting steps to carry out.

I've checked the coaxial cable and socket aren't broken and that all of the connections are seated correctly.

I also have configured my WIFI channels as per the neighbouring WIFI connection 's situation to minimize interference with other Wlan AP.

Very less devices are connected to my Vodafone wifi access station and my devices are very close to WIFI access point ( like in the same room).

During the issue time ,

The DOCSIS status reveals the upstream channel failures for OFDMA channel.


I would be very grateful if someone could assist me with this issue. My German language skills are unfortunately  not good enought to communicate effectively via telephone to the customer service team but the issue is now seriously starting to affect the work and personal life of me.


DOCSIS status (also attached as html file)

Upstream Channel(s) Channel ID Channel Type Frequency (MHz) Modulation Tx. Power (dBmV/dBµV) Ranging Status 10 OFDMA 29.8~ 16-qam /60 FAILURE 5 SC-QAM 51.0 8-qam 43.5/103.5 SUCCESS 6 SC-QAM 44.6 16-qam 43.5/103.5 SUCCESS 7 SC-QAM 37.2 32-qam 45.5/105.5 SUCCESS 8 SC-QAM 30.8 32-qam 47.5/107.5 SUCCESS



DOCSIS Status Get an overview of all DOCSIS parameters of your router.

Downstream Channel(s) Channel ID Channel Type Frequency (MHz) Modulation Rx. Power (dBmV/dBµV) SNR/MER (dB) Lock Status 33 OFDM 151~325.0 256-qam/1024-qam -1.2/58.8 39.11 YES 5 SC-QAM 602 256-QAM -6.5/53.5  38.0 YES 1 SC-QAM 114 256-QAM -5.5/54.5  36.6 YES 2 SC-QAM 130 256-QAM -5.6/54.4  36.3 YES 3 SC-QAM 138 256-QAM -6.0/54  36.1 YES 4 SC-QAM 146 256-QAM -5.2/54.8  36.8 YES 6 SC-QAM 618 256-QAM -5.8/54.2  38.3 YES 7 SC-QAM 626 256-QAM -5.0/55  39.0 YES 8 SC-QAM 642 256-QAM -4.7/55.3  39.4 YES 9 SC-QAM 650 256-QAM -5.3/54.7  38.9 YES 10 SC-QAM 658 256-QAM -4.5/55.5  39.5 YES 11 SC-QAM 666 256-QAM -4.7/55.3  39.3 YES 12 SC-QAM 674 256-QAM -4.9/55.1  39.1 YES 13 SC-QAM 682 256-QAM -4.4/55.6  39.8 YES 14 SC-QAM 690 256-QAM -5.3/54.7  39.3 YES 15 SC-QAM 698 64-QAM -11.3/48.7  33.5 YES 16 SC-QAM 706 64-QAM -10.7/49.3  33.9 YES 17 SC-QAM 714 64-QAM -11.2/48.8  33.9 YES 18 SC-QAM 722 64-QAM -12.4/47.6  32.7 YES 19 SC-QAM 730 64-QAM -12.8/47.2  32.5 YES 20 SC-QAM 738 64-QAM -12.0/48  33.2 YES 21 SC-QAM 746 64-QAM -12.0/48  33.2 YES 22 SC-QAM 754 64-QAM -11.5/48.5  33.6 YES 23 SC-QAM 762 64-QAM -12.8/47.2  32.6 YES 24 SC-QAM 770 64-QAM -14.1/45.9  31.7 YES 25 SC-QAM 778 64-QAM -15.2/44.8  30.5 YES 26 SC-QAM 786 64-QAM -15.5/44.5  30.4 YES 27 SC-QAM 794 64-QAM -15.0/45  30.6 YES 28 SC-QAM 802 64-QAM -14.5/45.5  31.3 YES 29 SC-QAM 810 64-QAM -13.5/46.5  32.1 YES 30 SC-QAM 818 64-QAM -12.8/47.2  32.8 YES 31 SC-QAM 826 64-QAM -13.9/46.1  31.8 YES 32 SC-QAM 834 64-QAM -12.8/47.2  32.9 YES



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Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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3 Antworten 3

Hello lipu166,



We will be happy to help you.


Do I understand correctly that this is exclusively a WLAN problem, or is the connection via LAN also already disturbed?


I would like to take a look at your line and the modem values.


Please send us this data for current legitimation via PN:


*customer number


*Address (street, house number, postcode, town)

*date of birth

*current mobile phone number (in case a fault ticket is necessary)


Report back briefly here in the post when you have sent the message.


Best regards



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Hello, I have exactly the same problem, for the last 2 months, I called support, but they just changed my contract. please let me know what details I should provide.


Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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