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{ENG} Everyday Internet Working Slow from 19 pm - 24 pm - Since Installation
  • Welchen Vertrag hast Du? ( Internet + Telefon 1000 )
  • Welches Modem/ Router nutzt Du? ( Vodafone Station )
  • Nutzt Du ein Leih-Gerät von uns oder hast Du ein eigenes Gerät? -
  • Welcher Fehler tritt auf? Internet not usable from 19.30pm until midnight 

Ping Test.JPG

Ping test 2.JPG

  • Wie ist Dein Endgerät mit dem Modem verbunden?: (LAN)
  • Welchen Browser verwendest Du normalerweise?: (Google Chrome)
  • Welches Betriebssystem hast Du auf Deinem Rechner? (Windows)
  • Beginn und Zeitraum der Störung : (since day 1 ( November 2020 ) )
  • In welchem Bundesland wohnst Du? : Berlin 

Dear Vodafone Community,


I was kinda hyped to get the vodafone gigabit and enjoy the possibility to Watch high quality videos online, be able to stream gaming sessions, however i don't have the possibility to do so when i am not working since day1.


In order to watch a film i need to wait midnight, or watch it at 144p like good old times when you could not recognise if that pixeled object is a horse or naomi campbell


I am alone, no other devices are connected, not downloading during streaming / gaming, always via LAN. 

For instance League of Legends is almost unplayable, and is a platform that runs perfectly even with my 5euros x month, cheapest low quality telefon lte contract i found ( with 1000 gigabit LAN vodafone ~150 ping; with xxx HOTSPOT cheap company LTE ~55 ping ) and it's not due to packet loss, but to unstable quality of the line + very low upload levels ( 1 mb is ridicolous ) 


I am obv not happy to pay 50euros ( + 18euros that KEDING GmbH forced me to pay in order to enable vodafone to somministrate internet throught their cabling, an added cost that was not written in the initial agreement ). With 68 euroes i would like to connect myself whenever i want and be able to enjoy the service i am paying for. 


Please let me know if you need further infos, meanwhile i will try to post additional speed tests meanwhile this post gets pickd up by one of the moderators. 


I would really like to remain a vodafone customer, no matter if pricey, the service is amazing when it works properly. 


Liebe Gr. 





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Download Upload speed : 


19.01.2021.JPGPing : 


ping 19.01.2021.JPG


Hello TiredAccountant,

I would be happy to take a look at the line. Please send me a PN with your customer data (name, address, customer number and date of birth).

Please contact me again when you have sent me the data.

Best regards


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 Unaufgeforderte PNs werden nicht beantwortet - Bitte erstellt einen Thread. Die Community hilft!

Hallo Moni,


please find the PN in your inbox


i take the opportunity to attach todays measurements ( today even from this morning internet is very slow ) 


download 21.01.2021.JPGKind Regards



Hello TiredAccountant,


I have had a look at the line. The error here comes from too high load. Work is already underway to relieve the load.


I have recorded a ticket so you will be informed when the work is completed.


Greetings Moni



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 Unaufgeforderte PNs werden nicht beantwortet - Bitte erstellt einen Thread. Die Community hilft!

Hi Moni,


thanks for checking this up for me,


could i get i credit note until the service gets fixed ? 


Kind Regards,



Hello TiredAccountant,


we can give you a 50% discount on the contract until the area is built out.


Best regards Fred

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I would appreciate that, thanks


Hey TiredAccountant,


i have deposited it for you.




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Good morning dear, 


the internet situation didn't really became better in the meantime, 


but I see that the ticket related to it has been 'solved'. Could you please confirm ?


or do I have to post additional screenshot of my internet not performing as per advertised ?




Best Regards,